Extended Reports


Price: $39 This add-on is included in the Premium Bundleopen in new window.


The Extended Reports add-on brings premium functionality to reports. The add-on is constantly evolving, providing you with new useful features.


After you have received the archive with the add-on, make sure that the Money Manageropen in new window plugin is installed and activated.

After that, follow the instructionsopen in new window to install and activate the add-on.


The premium features that the add-on provides are described below.

Income & Expenses report

With the Extended Reports add-on, you can choose an unlimited number of periods and compare income and expenses data for different years.

Click the plus button1️⃣ to add a new period.

Report screenshot

When you hover over any part of the chart, a tooltip2️⃣ shows which period the data belongs to, as well as which parties have contributed to the amount of a particular category.

If you click on a part of the chart, the data from the tooltip will be displayed as a new chart3️⃣ below.

Change log

1.0.0 | July 8, 2022

  • Initial release
Last Updated: 9/5/2022, 1:47:07 PM
Contributors: Vladimir